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This database includes the names and available details of organizations involved in transitional justice related activities on the African continent.

ATJRN Database

The purpose of the database is to facilitate the Network’s efforts to connect actors across the continent. The database includes names, contact information, and descriptions of individuals and organizations involved in transitional justice or transitional justice related work in Africa. The topical focus of their work ranges from gender and women's rights, to democratization, land rights, displacement and forced migration. Although some may not classify their work as falling within the parameters of 'transitional justice,' the network is conscious that a broad array of human rights and social justice issues are of direct relevance to efforts to transform societies and further the goals of comprehensive justice in countries in transition. Connecting with the full spectrum of actors across the continent is therefore crucial for the ATJRN’s objectives of information exchange and coalition building.

We invite website users to assist us in keeping this database as up to date and accurate as possible. Should you have suggestions for the inclusion of new information or revisions to existing information in the database, please send your suggestions to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Origins and Findings of the Database

In 2004, the ATJRN partners undertook a mapping exercise of African based organizations engaged in transitional justice or transitional justice related work. Through this research the Network identified two key challenges to the field of transitional justice in Africa:

1. There was a near absence of locally based research. This has an adverse impact on the ability of civil society to effectively inform, monitor, analyze and evaluate the growing number of transitional justice mechanisms being employed across the continent.

2. Civil society organizations (CSO’s) involved in transitional justice related work largely operate in isolation and are disconnected from CSO’s in other countries.

We hope this database will facilitate the sharing of knowledge across transitioning states to build on past best practices and help avoid needless duplication of efforts.

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