ATJRN Capacity Building Workshops

Background and Objectives

The capacity building workshops form a core element of the African Transitional Justice Research Network (ATJRN) and are designed to contribute to the overall objectives of the Network through the development of informal networks amongst researchers as well as the development of skills of a wide range of actors to undertake quality evaluation and monitoring research. In particular the workshops aim to build the research skills of local actors to inform policy and monitor the implementation of transitional justice mechanisms.

The workshops are also intended to contribute to the number of individuals trained to do outreach and analysis of public opinions related to transitional justice on the African continent. This will contribute to an indigenous assessment of the various policy options and will in future ensure that the solutions chosen are the most suitable to the local context. The outcome of the workshops are not research for purely intellectual goals, but to find concrete, specific ways to use research to inform advocacy programs within civil society organizations and to influence policymakers. A very clear focus of the workshops will be to train researchers to think of policy applications and to find ways to translate their research findings into forms that are useful to policymakers and others who influence transitional justice policy (such as donors).

Beyond the immediate participants attending the trainings, the project is designed so that the information conveyed in workshops will be captured and distributed to the wider network, thereby training others through workshop reports and research guides. In addition, participants who participate directly in these workshops will be expected to become a part of a core cadre of individuals who will assist other researchers who solicit information through the ATJRN listserv and the website. This group can then share best practices, research strategies and other information.

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