Campaign for Good Governance

Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) is a registered national non-government organization (NGO) advocating for good governance in Sierra Leone. Leaders of the pro-democracy movement formed CGG in 1996 after the first multi-party elections in three decades. CGG believes a viable, strong and well-informed civil society is central to institutional pluralism. CGG is committed to building a strong national civil society network; developing a comprehensive database of civil society groups in Sierra Leone; providing training for them as well as institutional support

Mission Statement:
CGG exists to increase citizen participation in governance through advocacy, capacity building and civic education in order to build a more informed civil populace and a democratic State.

CGG’s ethos and philosophy are centred on the following:

  • Developing a partnership between civil society and government based on dialogue, consultation and collaboration.
  • Promoting dialogue, consultation and networking amongst civil society.
  • Sensitizing the Sierra Leonean public on democracy and good governance.
  • Advocating effectively on governance issues of concern to Sierra Leoneans at local and international level

Core programmes include:

Democracy Building:

  • Electoral Systems and Processes
  • Transparency and Accountability in Public Service Delivery
  • Civic Education
  • Engaging the Local Government Systems and Parliamentary Engagement and Development

Justice, Security and Human Rights:

  • Women’s Rights
  • Engaging state institutions (human rights commission, the police, the prisons, the courts)
  • Transitional Justice
  • Cross Boarder Relations
  • Security Sector Reform
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons
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